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Ambition in girls starts at a young age, Girl Grind UK CIC stands to support and elevate woman, girls and non-binary people through our GROWNISH and WOMANISH development arms.

WOMANISH is a platform for women and non-binary people aged 18-30 who are on their personal and professional grind.

WOMANISH is meticulously designed to be an integral part of nurturing a young girl as she begins the metamorphosis into womanhood. Aimed specifically at the young females of the ethnic minority black and asian communities, it is the mission of WOMANISH to promote and advocate: gender and racial equality and educate individuals on human rights history through our various projects and campaigns - while being sure to provide support networks for mental health and general well being.

WOMANISH aims to assist all individuals through their journeys of self-discovery while advocating a strong sense of sisterhood and positivity in their communities.

WOMANISH promotes, exhibits and champions much of the incredible work created by women of colour in various industries around the West Midlands and the United Kingdom. With the support of our ever-growing network, WOMANISH aides the personal and professional development of women of colour - through the use of community activism, entrepreneurial workshops and advertising campaigns.

It is our mission to see that all individuals associated with WOMANISH will inherit the necessary tools and skill sets to succeed in their fields, have their voices heard and make a positive difference in their communities. We hope to create the next generation of leaders that will change things for the better across all industries.

With WOMANISH, we want to make the world a better place for all women out there, including the cisgendered, non-binary and trans female narratives and experiences.

WOMANISH was created by GIRL GRIND UK CIC in order to facilitate, nurture and inspire smart, driven career women. All individuals associated with us can expect high-level career advice as well as being provided with a wealth of information and guidance for different lifestyles and effective methods of dealing with the myriad of challenges that young women can face while on their grind.

In 2021 we launched three different programs through our WOMANISH development arm, SHE DON DID IT, Triple Threat and BLK+GRN. These programs were all in different fields and offered completely different things to everyone involved, but through these programs we were able to help many women and give them the support they needed, and that is what Girl Grind is all about.

Inclusivity, positivity and support.

Remember, Your Ish Is Our Mish

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