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GROWNISH has been designed to amplify leadership skills, creativity, ingenuity, and critical thinking amongst Black and Brown girls aged 12 - 17. Through GROWNISH we provide the platform and necessary tools for girls to make a meaningful change within their communities and connect them to a representative network of young female leaders. 


Each girl will participate in a range of dynamic workshops and masterclasses with women leaders and influencers from across various industries. GROWNISH workshops aim to enhance young girls' academic performance by creating an increased appreciation for learning through all our GROWNISH sessions. We are committed to empowering girls through the arts & redefining the impossible into the achievable. 

At GGUK we unapologetically encourage the personal and professional development of young girls from Black and Asain Minority Ethnic communities, working both in education and non-educational settings, positively affecting young girl’s behavior, encouraging active citizenship in the community, and finding productive ways to contribute to the world around them.

GROWNISH aims to increase confidence and boost self-esteem amongst every girl on a GROWNISH program regardless of their race, ability, educational background, or beliefs. Throughout the year we aim to deliver empowerment sessions on entrepreneurship, creativity, artistic expression, health and wellbeing, social action, technology, financial literacy, civic engagement and personal life coaching. 

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Launching 2022

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