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GROWNISH has been designed to amplify leadership skills, creativity, ingenuity and critical thinking amongst Black and Brown girls aged 12-17. GROWNISH aims to provide the platform and necessary tools for girls to make a meaningful change within their communities and connect them to a representative network of young female leaders.

The main purpose of GROWNISH is to facilitate and amplify the voices of girls from this demographic in order to help them develop and progress, both personally and professionally.

We currently have three platforms for women, girls and non-binary people, but GROWNISH is primarily aimed at young girls.

GROWNISH is an emerging, fertile platform for young girls to be given the space they need to be themselves, and to be able to develop their professional skill sets in many different ways. We feel that young girls have been somewhat marginalised in regards to spaces, schemes and opportunities of this nature - our aim is to change that.

Each individual will be able to participate in a multitude of workshops and masterclasses which will include insights, lectures and practical lessons/advice from a plethora of prominent, successful female figures from many industries. Through the GROWNISH workshop scheme, we aim to nurture the academic aptitudes of all of the young individuals while working tirelessly to encourage an ardent appreciation of and a passion for learning and self-improvement.

We are committed to the much-needed empowerment of females in the arts and through the GROWNISH organisation, we hope to be able to facilitate and champion the successful careers of the young people we are very fortunate to work with.

2022 will be the year we launch and begin the process of facilitating our plans, with exciting upcoming events and projects targeted at young girls aged 12-17. Keep an eye out for everything we have planned.

This will be a year of blessings in abundance, and we plan to share everything we have with young girls.

We inspire young girls to be the women that will shape the future.

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