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we teamed up with Help Muscians UK

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

On Wednesday 27th of April 2022 we teamed up with Help Musicians UK to driver a GET SET session, in other words a SECURE THE BAG session which gave people the opportunity to learn about HMUK, their work and importantly their year round funding streams which can support musicians take the next step in their careers in music.

Our founder NAMYWA is a champion of HMUK and works closely with them in a capacity of ways. In her words Help Musicians have helped me to own my masters, travel the globe writing songs and protect my ears” beyond this support HMUK have a long standing history of supporting 1000s of musicians between the ages 18 to 95.

If you missed the session don't worry, you can still secure your bag and were still able to offer you support in applying to HMUK. Before we get into the support we can offer you as GGUK let's explore the funding streams available to you through HMUK.

Financial support towards recording and releasing music, combined with expert business skills development and personal wellbeing; helping musicians to achieve their creative and career potential

MOBO Trust and Help Musicians partner to support musicians making Hip Hop, Grime, R&B, Soul, music of African origin, Reggae, Jazz and Gospel

Support to to access opportunities that help musicians develop their skills and sustain their careers

Support to undertake a UK-based collaboration between you and other non-music artists, for example storytellers, lighting designers, choreographers, technologists, scientists, gaming designers, theatre directorsorvisual artists.

Financial support towards the cost of touring where it is possible to show the clear impact it will have on your career development.


In 2021 we supported singer songwriter DARSHAE in applying to HMUK through the DEVELOP YOUR SKILLS grant to attend a Songwriting Camp at Tileyard. We had been working with DARSHAE for a few months leading up to the application so we had a good plan as to what she wanted to do and how her plans to spend the money. To all our delight, her application was successful. Some of the factors we think made it a success are as follows:

  • Talent and track record

  • Submitted within good time

  • A clear plan

  • Good references

  • A clear budget strategy

  • Confirmed opportunities that GGUK had arranged

Applying for funding is competitive but not impossible and we've found that having the aforementioned steps thoroughly thought out will greatly enhance your chances of securing your bag.



We can offer you a 121 session to help you map out your next steps, we're reserving our 121 support for our core beneficiaries, so if your a Woman or a Non- Binary musician from the West Midlands region then drop us a DM or an email at to arrange a time to speak about your application. In addition to this we were able to offer support in proofreading your application and giving you important feedback to help the success of your application.


Sign up to an upcoming GET SET session here:

You can find out some of HMUK Top Tips on applying to funding here: :

Explore other funding routes here on the HMUK website by putting in details on what you would like funding through their amazing funding wizard tool here:

Authored by a Person On Their Grind

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