Importance of having a diverse board

What is a board of governors?

The board is responsible for creating the company’s bylaws, which are a set of core policies that outline the company’s mission, values, vision and structure. On an as-needed basis, the board creates and approves major policies for board governance.

It is important to have a board of governance in order to make fair decisions to approve and amend decisions made by the management of the company regarding the future direction of the organisation.

When it comes to having a board of directors, one of the main factors to consider is diversity. As you all know, Girl Grind UK advocates diversity and inclusivity in everything we do and everything we stand for. We work towards the inclusivity of women, girls and non-binary people of all different backgrounds, and our main goal is to advocate for equality and diversity.

When deciding who to appoint to be on our board of governors, we took many factors into consideration, but diversity was at the heart of it all. We wanted a board that encompases who we are, and that clearly works towards what we as a company have set out to do.

So what does diversity mean to Girl Grind UK?

The Oxford dictionary defines diversity as being the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.

But for Girl Grind UK, diversity means all of that and more. We want to make sure everyone who works for and with us feels included and feels that they are wanted not in spite of their differences, but rather because of their differences.

Diversity is a beautiful thing. By being diverse you open up a world of endless possibilities, teaching and endless learning. You are able to see things from the perspective of people from all different walks of life, who have all experienced the world in different ways, and who are all able to give different viewpoints.

Having a diverse board of governors not only gives you different perspectives, but also strengthens your company. Some of the benefits of having a diverse board include, but are not limited to:

  • A more effective decision making process

  • A more diverse and effective talent pool

  • A more diverse board helps address complex issues

  • A diverse board is more reflective of the shareholders

  • A diverse boardroom is more reflective of the base of potential clients

When taking all those factors, plus many more into consideration, a diverse board has many more positive outcomes than not.

We have worked hard towards ensuring that our board is as diverse and inclusive as it could possibly be, and we are excited to show you guys who we have appointed to be on our board.

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