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GIRL GRIND UK CIC is sparking a revolutionary fire in the way Black, Asian Minority Ethnic women*, girls and gender expanding people are supported and empowered. Our organisation is fueled by a deep passion to systematically uplift and support these individuals at pivotal stages in their development.​


Through our GROWNISH (12-17), WOMANISH (18-30) and PRIMEISH (30+) development arms, we are fiercely committed to investing in the aspirations of our community, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to break barriers and reach their full potential.


​As a trailblazing organisation leading the charge for people and women* of colour, GIRL GRIND UK CIC is unafraid to take bold and radical action in the pursuit of equality and empowerment.

Our values of boldness, courage, freedom, and honesty guide us as we constantly push the boundaries and invest in our community through our team, events, and campaigns.


​Our mission is to ignite a movement for Black and Asian Ethnic Minority women and girls that is unapologetically grounded in principles of gender and racial equality. Through our award winning projects, campaigns, and mental well-being advocacy, we are fearlessly pushing for greater visibility and equality for women*, girls and gender-expanding people in the arts, health, and business sectors.


We celebrate and uplift inspirational women* from all backgrounds, uniting the strength and spirit to create a truly radical and empowering force for change.




Founder and CEO 

NAMYWA, music industry artist and songwriter, is the founder of GIRL GRIND UK CIC. With a BA Honours Degree in Applied Performance from The Birmingham School of Acting, part of Birmingham City University and nearly a decade of music industry experience,  working with communities of young people, women and teen girls, LGBTQ groups and adults living with multiple physical and learning disabilities, NAMYWA brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as the founder of GGUK.

Namywa is a visionary leader who is determined to make a difference in the industry by amplifying the voices of marginalised women and girls and supporting creative entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.


Shortlisted as a finalist in the 2020 FUTURE FACES AWARDS, nominated as a Future Face of Arts and Culture by the GREATER BIRMINGHAM CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE and as a musician, 1 of 25 Black British Musicians supported by HELP MUSICIANS & MOBO AWARDS, NAMYWA is also one of 51 artists funded by the ‘Sustaining Creativity’ from PRS FOUNDATION, SPOTIFY & GIRLS I RATE in 2020.

Namywa Founder and CEO



MEET THE t-level Students


Ammaarah Noor is currently studying a T-Level in Digital Production, Design and Development at University College Birmingham. As a part of her course, she is undergoing a placement in the content creating and graphic design sector of Girl Grind UK. After finishing her course, she plans to advance to a degree apprenticeship to gain more practical experience while studying at the same time. Ammaarah plans to utilise Girl Grind UK to improve her practical skills and gain real-life experience in a work environment.


Feizo Salad, a passionate T Level programming student, thrives as a digital assistant at Girl Grind, with a keen interest in data analytics and a dream of becoming a data scientist. Currently, she works closely with our social media manager learning to edit, content create and analysing social media platforms. Through her placement, she aims to strengthen her digital skills & knowledge while making a tangible impact in amplifying underrepresented voices in creative spaces.  


"Tadiwanashe Munyuki, is a devoted student who attends University College Birmingham studying T-level accounting. As a part of his course he is currently at a work placement in the financial sector of a company. With the aid of this work placement at Girl grind Uk Tadiwanashe desires to finish his course and advance to a degree apprenticeship. Tadiwanashe is aiming to be a chartered accountant or individual within the accounting sector. As a target Tadiwanashe wants to enhance his knowledge in the working environment to help adapt his capabilities in the accounting sector. Tadiwanashe chose Girl Grind UK for his work placement opportunity, for the reason that it fits his tastes for enjoying music such as R&B."


"Malachi Marks is a dedicated student at University College Birmingham pursuing a T Level in Accounting. With a passion for numbers and financial management, Malachi aims to leverage his education and practical experience to excel in the field. Eager to further develop his skills, he aspires to transition into a degree apprenticeship, seeking to immerse himself in real-world scenarios to refine his expertise and contribute effectively to the accounting sector. Malachi is currently on Work placement with Girl Grind UK in order to get a feel in the working world he is enjoying his time there so far."

Members of the board

Merisha Stevenson - Chair 

Winsome Hutchinson MBA - Secretary 

Hannah White 

Rachel Adams 

Shani Anderson 

Siobhan Harper-Nunes

GIRL GRIND UK CIC's Board of Directors, made up of all female or non-binary individuals, bring diverse expertise and perspectives to guide the organisation's mission of empowering marginalised women, girls and gender-expanding people, and supporting creative entrepreneurs. They provide strategic direction and key decisions while supporting the staff and volunteers. The Board's diversity reflects the communities we serve and helps us understand and address their needs.

For all board related enquires: 

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