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Girl Grind UK and EPIC successfully delivered Triple Threat, a creative enterprise and leadership development program for 11 Black and Asian Minority Ethnic women and non-binary creative freelancers from across the West Midlands between the ages 18 to 30 years old.  


We hosted 5 full day, face-to-face, workshops over a 5 week delivery period and hosted six incredible guest speakers, who delivered sessions on a variety of topics including finance, wellness and entrepreneurship.

81% of participants reported feeling more confident from taking part in the program and 61% feeling more confident in liaising with businesses and taking steps toward them becoming a Triple Threat and realizing their full creative freelance potential! 

We are currently planning Triple Threat 2.0 so sit tight!

Triple Threat Programme

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TRIPLE THREAT is a 5-week creative enterprise and leadership development program for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic women and nonbinary creative freelancers between the ages 18 to 30 years old. 

TRIPLE THREAT is a self-paced learning & development program aiming to support the business leaders of tomorrow to harness their business ideas in practice ways. 

  • Take part in a series of workshops covering essential topics including, Leadership & Change Management, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Vision & Goal Setting, Turning Ideas into Action, Arts administration and Financial Literacy, Funding and Fundraising, Understanding Customers & Markets, Mental Health & Wellbeing &, Navigating Entrepreneurship as a Woman of color. 

  • Gain access to expert-led group mentoring sessions.

  • Gain access to a virtual learning environment full of learning materials and resources.

  • Gain a strong peer network to help participants to gain new connections.

  • Gain a TRIPLE THREAT Certificate of Achievement & Digital Badge on program completion.

  • Be in the know through signposted opportunities and funding mailing lists.

  • Follow-up live sessions (individual and group) to support you on your journey.

  • A comprehensive workbook full of useful content and other resources all designed to help you practically and emotionally prepare

    for a successful return to work.

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EPIC is a Martin James Foundation UK project and we are so excited to be building programs together!

TRIPLE THREAT has been designed by GIRL GRIND UK and is being funded and supported by EPIC and THE MARTIN JAMES FOUNDATION.  

The Martin James Foundation’s EPIC Programmes currently programmes are designed to provide support and interventions for disadvantaged young people (14-25), Primarily in the West Midlands, and throughout the UK. FIND OUT MORE HERE

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