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Taking part in our work means more than just getting involved—it's about actively engaging in a shared purpose. It's an invitation to be a vital part of something bigger than yourself, where every contribution counts. Whether through teamwork, creativity, or commitment, joining our efforts means embracing a collective responsibility toward a common objective. Together, we create pathways, ignite change, and build a better tomorrow. So, seize the chance to take part in our work, and let's make a real difference together.


join the girl grind uk board!

Join the Girl Grind UK Board!

Do you want to help Girl Grind UK to become a stronger and more resilient organisation? 

Right now, we are at a crucial point in our organisational development as we turn 4 and enter our second term for a new board!

Do you feel that your skills and experience could be a vital part of our mission to empower Women, Girls  & Gender Expanding people across the country?  

As a board member, you'll shape our strategies, drive forward new and existing initiatives, and amplify voices promoting gender and racial justice in the arts and cultural sector. 

Together, we'll break barriers, promote inclusivity, and inspire the next generation of creatives and partners alike through important work delivered through our GROWNISH, WOMANISH and PRIMEISH development arms. 

Your passion, your expertise, and your commitment to steer change from the top down is crucial to our mission of creating a world where every girl can thrive and succeed. 

We are looking for people who feel that they have the right skills, passion and are able to  commit to 4 - 6 hours a month focused on Girl Grind UK. 

  • Co chair 

  • Finance and fundraising 

  • Legal (third sector)

  • Public Relations 

  • Young person representative of GROWMISH & WOMANISH (Aged 18 - 30) 

To apply or to arrange an informal chat with the acting Chair or Founderplease email to arrange a time for a call. 

To apply, please complete this form and send it to

take part in: abc!

Are you between the ages of 14 to 17? 

Do you want to have plans for this summer that are exciting, high energy and also stretch your personal development? 

Look no further, Girl Grind UK’s Art Break Challenge project funded by United by Legacy delivered in partnership with Duke of Edinburgh and Blackwell Adventure. The ABC program is a truly transformative journey towards your personal and professional growth. 

Designed to empower young individuals from all walks of life, our program offers a unique blend of learning, mentorship, and hands-on experience. Whether you're seeking to enhance your skills, expand your network, or make a meaningful impact, joining ABC opens doors to endless opportunities. 

With a supportive community and tailored resources, you'll gain the tools and confidence to thrive in today's dynamic world. Don't just watch from the sidelines – take an active role in shaping your future. 

Find out more about our fully funded week long residential, volunteering opportunities and Duke of Edinburgh partnership here:

To enrol in our ABC program and unlock your full potential, apply here.

If you would like to arrange a time to speak with a member of the Girl Grind UK team, please email or


Programme Runs From the 12th till the 16th August 


take part in: SDDI!

Are you a creative disruptor? 

Do you think you have what it takes to shake up the UK music industry? 

Girl Grind UK’s 'She Don Did It' program is back for the third year. This is your opportunity to join an alumni of 88 West Midlands based artists on a groundbreaking initiative empowering diverse women and gender expanding people to break barriers, learn and earn in music. 

SHE DON DID IT is more than just a pathway project; it's a catalyst for change, providing participants with the tools, resources, and support they need to turn aspirations into accomplishments. Through mentorship, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities, participants gain the confidence and skills to navigate challenges faced in the industry. 

Whether you're an aspiring musician, want to own your own live events company , a budding entrepreneur, or someone with a big and bold vision, 'She Don Did It' is your platform for success. Become part of a movement that celebrates music, champions your voice and that of others who are far too often overlooked because of who they are and where they are from!! 

Find out more about our fully funded program here: 

To enrol in our SDDI program and unlock your full potential, apply here.

If you would like to arrange a time to speak with a member of the Girl Grind UK team, please email or

Programme Runs From the 5th till the 29th August 

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