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SHE DON DID IT! 2024: Empowering Women in Music Business

SHE DON DID IT! a award winning Music Business program returns for its third consecutive year, building on its success as the flagship initiative of Girl Grind UK. Proudly funded by Youth Music Charity and delivered in collaboration with B:Music and Symphony Hall, and BIMM Birmingham.

In the inaugural year, we explored and tested innovative ideas. Year two saw the establishment of new courses, responding dynamically to industry demands. Now, in year three, we're back with a bang, offering four comprehensive music business courses, including an exciting addition: Live Music Events.

SHE DON DID IT! welcomes all women* from the Global Majority community residing or working in the West Midlands region, with a deep passion for the music industry. Whether you're a novice or have some industry experience, our four-week program is tailored to equip you with essential skills, a supportive community, and invaluable resources to propel your music career forward.

SHE DON DID IT! is dedicated to amplifying the voices often overlooked in the music industry due to factors like identity and background. We strive to provide a platform for the unheard voices in the West Midlands music industry.

Gender equality and visibility in the music industry are universal concerns, and SHE DON DID IT! is committed to addressing them head-on. Join us as we collectively work towards a more inclusive and equitable music industry.

SHE DON DID IT! Is for those who have been missed out of the conversation because of who they are, what they look like and where they are from.

SHE DON DID IT! Is for the unheard voices in music in the midlands.

SHE DON DID IT! As for you, gender equality and visibility in the music industry is everyone's issue to fix and this program is playing its part.


Songwriting & Performance | Music Production | Music Business | Event Management

Course is ran from 5th till the 29th August 2024

Funded by Youth Music and in partnership with B:music and Symphony Hall and BIMM Birmingham



Misha B

Your guide to unlocking the art of Songwriting & Performance!


Kaylee Golding

Get ready to spin the decks with a Radio & DJ extraordinaire giving you insight into Music Production!


Ameena Badley

Navigate the Music Business landscape with expertise and finesse!


Vanessa Sinclair

Dive into the world of Event Management and bring your visions to life!


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'She Don Did It!' 2022

'She Don Did It!' 2023

'She Don Did It!' 2024

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