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Secure your BAG!

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

If you're reading this because you want to find out how to secure your financial bag in 2022, I would stop reading now and pick up a notepad and a pen and start working that out, as it might be a better use of your time for those more immediate goals.

If you want to learn how to secure the bag forevermore; that bag that keeps on giving and giving and GIVING! Then keep on reading.

The moment you decide to believe; in your whole being; that you are worthy of the bag you so desire, it will come.

Take this coming from a girl on her grind who has made something out of nothing but seed ideas in her head, time and again.

Before you keep on reading, I want you to take a moment to reflect and ask yourself this question:

“Am I really ready for the bag?

If you said yes because you have immediate things to pay for, then I would suggest asking yourself again because the bag of forevermore is not about maintenance it's about abundance.

So really you should ask yourself “Am I ready for an abundant life?”

Are you happy in the apparent absence of your ‘bag’?

Because the fact that you can't see it, hear it , feel it or smell it will naturally bring up emotions and triggers.

The emotions and triggers that come up are where you begin to make the purchase of your bag.

Read that again!

Identifying your hunger, your pain and your trigger is time well spent because in the next moments when you feel that same pain, hunger or trigger it's about choosing to remember the bag you want in life, as that is the thing you really want.

So why not focus more on that over your hunger, trigger or pain?

Stop focusing so much on the fact that you don't have it yet.

The more and more that you focus your thoughts on the fact that you don't have the things you so deeply want, the more you attract this into your life.

To secure the bag of forevermore you need to adjust the way you think, then how you feel about the things you think and then finally the things you say and do!

So How Do I Secure The Bag Forevermore?

It's really simple and only requires three things, healthy thoughts, loving feelings & an unshakable sense of self belief.

Trust yourself. Trust that your ideas and dreams are real enough to you that they can get you to where you want to be.

Get clear about your why and your what. Once you have these things understood, in your quest of securing the bag that keeps on giving, you will come to understand that you are connected to the who, how and when; without blocking your bag.

You have to tap into yourself, feel yourself differently and make do for yourself, matching the thoughts you think, words you say and the actions you take!

Authored by A Person On Their Grind!

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