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An hour and 20 minute drive to her death

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

This year, at least 108 women in the UK have been killed at the hands of men. Sarah Everard. Bibaa Henry. Nicole Smallman. Sabina Nessa. And countless others. Say their names. Remember their names.

We’re told to be careful. Don’t walk alone. Don’t have your headphones in. Don’t go out after dark. How about we start telling men to stop killing women. Wear a rape alarm. Stop raping our women. Don’t wear revealing clothes. Stop using your perverted desires as an excuse. Hold your keys between your fingers. How about you stop attacking women to the point where they need to put in self defence precautions.

Just stop.

Hold accountability.

How many more women need to die? Will they stop when there are no women left to kill? What will it take?

The details of Sarah Everard’s case have now come to light and the facts are chilling.

Sarah was handcuffed and “arrested” for “breaking lockdown COVID rules”. She was then taken into a car which had been rented out days before, and forced to drive 80 miles with him to the location where he brutally raped and murdered her.

He drove her for an hour and 20 minutes. Deep that. That is 4800 seconds where Sarah held her breath, with fear of not knowing what is going to happen.

Most of us can't even hold our breath for more than 20 seconds.

Can you imagine what she must have been going through, sat in the back of the car, driving towards her unknown death.

Imagine the agony she must have been in.

Are we supposed to feel safe when the people that are put here to protect us are also a part of the problem. She was deceived into thinking that she had done something wrong, and abused by someone who was in a position of power.

How did this man, who had previously been reported for indecent behaviour still hold such a high position? He was considered to be a ‘bad apple’ within the police force, yet he still held a badge. Why was he not stripped of his title already?

These are all important questions that we need to be asking those in management positions within the force.

Over the past decade, 1,425 women have been murdered in the UK.

That’s roughly one woman every three days.

This horrific statistic hasn't improved throughout the decade, but somehow managed to get worse with the COVID lockdown.

Twice as many women were killed at the hands of men within the first few weeks of lockdown alone, statistics show.

It is progressively getting worse, with less action being taken. It takes murder by a police officer to get media attention. What about all the women who have been forgotten? The women who we are not even aware of? The women who went out, not realising that was their last day on earth? Where is their justice?

Sarah Everard’s murderer was given a life sentence today, but justice will not be served until men stop murdering our women.

Our passions are not without thought and considerations to the family and friends who are grieving their loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Authored by A Person On Their Grind!

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