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Updated: Jun 5, 2022

The fabric feels as light as a feather, but sometimes Western society’s perception can make it weigh heavier than a tonne of bricks.

The hijab.

A staple in the lives of millions of Muslim women around the world. Their identity.

Wearing a hijab is a choice. Much like wearing any piece of clothing, religious or non religious.

Yet Muslim women are made to feel oppressed for making a choice? Contradiction?

Cases of Islamophobia have been on the rise, with hate attacks becoming a constant in the lives of many.

How can we live in such an open minded society, but still be so closed off?

How can we be living amongst people who instill fear into the lives of others everyday, through violence, hateful words and horrific attacks?

How are we allowing this?

Islamophobia has been proven to have a direct impact on hijab wearing Muslim women. They wear it to show who they are. To embrace their identity as a Muslim. A person embracing who they are should never lead to fear.

Whilst we’re on the topic, let’s talk about fear.

Have you ever been so scared of something, so you try to avoid it and keep yourself out of harm's way? Like for instance, a night light.

You keep it on all night because you’re afraid of the dark, afraid of the unknown right?

Now let’s use that analogy for a hijabi woman. She avoids situations to protect herself. But the long-term effect of doing this is detrimental, it leads to loss of opportunities, loss of confidence and sometimes even the loss of life.

Her hijab, her freedom to express who she is should never be a reason for her to fear unfair treatment. To fear that she won’t be knocking at the door of opportunity in her career because of the way she looks and what she believes. To fear for her life.

This is a platform for raising awareness for topics that need to be spoken about, but most of all to uplift and support one another as women. Freedom of choice is a right that every human being deserves. We can’t allow it to be taken away from people due to their religious beliefs.

These are rights every human should have. Every one of us. This isn’t a fair fight. It’s racism, it’s Islamophobia, it’s wrong.

Authored by A Person On Their Grind!

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