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Behind the scenes at girl grind uk

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

GirlGrind UK is not just any organisation with a social purpose.

It is a growing movement, aiming to support women of colour to be limitless in our thinking and courageous in our decision-making.

And as a young person, connecting with Namywa over the past few months has been incredible and being able to recently take part in the Triple Threat programme filled with gems of advice and encouragement has been a privilege!

So far, the programme has been the right mix of upskilling our knowledge of building a business, but also how we can develop ourselves as leaders through external and internal speakers. It has been particularly interesting to learn how to manage finances, how to gain funding for my business and how the different types of leadership styles can either positively or negatively impact an organisation.

The pandemic has made a lot of people, including myself, realise that we need to show up as our best selves if we want to redefine our lives. However, sometimes it is just easier to naturally gravitate towards our limiting beliefs.

“I am not good enough.”

“I don’t have the experience.”

“I do not have the ability.”

These things are said and felt on a day-to-day basis because the reality of starting a business is hard and it is difficult. Most startups fail because founders do not have the right mindset, funding or support network. However, every time someone said or felt like this, these limiting beliefs were shut down and addressed straight away because these beliefs translate into our reality and ultimately, limits us from having the positive impact we can have on the world.

As an avid writer and student activist, one of my favourite aspects has been understanding the power of crafting your personal narrative when creating a business.

Every business emerged from an idea that someone chose to put into action.

What is your story?

Why does it mean so much to you?

Who can you serve?

And most importantly, how can it change lives?

Seeing how GirlGrind UK work behind the scenes really highlighted just how much work they have done already, but just the potential to scale this to another level.

Little did I know that walking into this programme at 16 years old would expose me to such a breadth of new possibilities and opportunities. The laughter, bursts of spontaneity and the odd awkward silences And it has reminded that we should all be thinking in possibility and not in probability.

There were some moments where I felt hyper conscious of my age and my background, but this time, my views and opinions were actually being listened to. I was welcomed into a space where I felt comfortable and in wise words of Brene Brown, “you can’t get to courage without rumbling with vulnerability.”

I am extremely grateful and forever in debt to Namywa and the GirlGrind UK team – the passion, energy and commitment is something I will never take for granted. For designing this incredible programme that has allowed me to grow in confidence alongside wonderful women across Birmingham, do my first ever business pitch (eek, still cannot believe this actually happened!) and showed me that we can harness our power in small or in big ways to create a positive impact in the world, thank you!

Thank you for helping me realise that I am a Triple Threat.

Written by Yumna Hussen A Volunteer On Her Grind!

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