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Struggling to jot down your thoughts into a song? We completely understand; we've been in the same boat. After extensive research, we discovered that diving into creative exercises can truly unlock your potential.


Our songwriting course in Birmingham is designed to lead you through workshops, and collaborative projects, and even provide opportunities for performances — all aimed at transforming your thoughts into beautiful tunes.


Gain valuable skills with creative writing exercises, music theory made easy, and guidance on both solo and group performances, and enjoy the benefits of a supportive community that fosters creativity, self-expression, confidence building, and developing musical talents.


Get ready to start crafting those lyrics!

Benefits of Birmingham Music Performance Coaching

Our songwriting course in Birmingham has everything you need to start making your music. Here at Girl Grind, we are keen to guide you through every step, from writing your first lyric to performing your song on stage.


We're thrilled to share insights from our workshops. These sessions are designed to support your songwriting journey, whether you're just starting or keen to enhance your skills.


Introduction to Songwriting: Our initial workshop introduces the fundamentals of writing songs. You'll learn about structure, melody, and lyrics. It's a perfect starting point for newcomers.


Creative Writing Exercises: We liven things up with engaging exercises that stretch your imagination. From creating vivid imagery to experimenting with metaphors, we'll unlock new ways for you to express yourself through words and music.


Performance Guidance: Prepare yourself confidently for live performances! We cover everything from microphone technique to connecting with your audience on stage.


Collaboration Techniques: Discover how to write together effectively. Collaborating with others can introduce fresh ideas and perspectives to your music. We teach you how to merge different styles and approaches seamlessly.


Feedback Sessions: Receiving constructive feedback is invaluable in songwriting. Share your work with peers and leaders for honest critiques that help polish your craft.

Benefits of Our Birmingham Songwriting Course

Our songwriting course helps you grow your creative muscles, find your voice, and join a circle where everyone supports each other. It's all about getting better at writing songs and sharing them with confidence.


You'll see how music and words blend to express what's in your heart. Plus, you'll meet others who get it – the highs and lows of making art. We're here to lift each other.


Ready to take your music journey further? Check out more on our course!


  • Cultivating creativity and self-expression - By partaking in creative writing exercises and group projects, you'll find new ways to share your stories and emotions through music.


  • Building confidence and self-esteem - Our course is a free space for expression that aligns with confidence building. 


  • Developing musical and lyrical skills - Through practical exercises, you'll learn about crafting melodies and creating rhythms. 


  • Fostering a supportive community - We host a creative home for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Women, Girls, and Non-Binary people to grow together.

Enrol Now

Our Music Production course in Birmingham is open for enrollment. We invite all Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Women, Girls, and Non-Binary individuals who are seeking to amplify their skills in music production.


Join us to embrace your potential under the guidance of industry professionals and become part of a supportive community focused on women's leadership.


Secure your spot today and start your journey towards career advancement in the music industry with Girl Grind UK. Get ready to empower yourself through music production and connect with a network of ambitious individuals.

Contact Information For Enquiries and Enrollment


For all enquiries regarding our music business course and details on how to sign up, feel free to send an email directly to Assistance is available for anyone seeking information about the course schedule, curriculum, or any other aspects related to advancing professionally.

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