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Stepping into leadership as a woman from a Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic background can often seem like navigating through an impossible challenge. We understand this journey all too well because we've navigated this path ourselves.


Our services are designed to offer candidates in Birmingham tailored guidance on honing your leadership abilities, and sharing practical tips and effective strategies along the way. At Girl Grind UK, we're not just about overcoming barriers — we're about dismantling them together.


  • Girl Grind UK boosts leadership skills in Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic women, girls, and non-binary folks through workshops and mentorship.

  • We run specific programs like GROWNISH for youth (12-17) and WOMANISH for adults (18-30) to support their development.

  • Events offer networking opportunities with industry leaders to inspire and equip members for success.

  • The community focuses on breaking down barriers to gender and racial equality within leadership roles.

  • Personal growth is encouraged through career guidance workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.


Let’s create change together.

Women Leadership In Birmingham

At Girl Grind UK, we're all about lifting Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic women, girls, and non-binary people. We push for gender and racial equality by creating a space where our voices lead the way to change.


Empowering Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Women, Girls, and Non-Binary individuals


Through the services and courses we provide, such as Events, Music Business, Music Production, Event Management and Music Performance Coach. Valuable tools for leadership growth are provided. Workshops, training sessions, mentorship opportunities, networking events, and seminars are tailored specifically to the unique needs of this community.


The ambition is fostered while promoting gender and racial equality. This commitment leads to the creation of a movement aimed at enhancing visibility and establishing parity. By participating in leadership programs or attending events designed for women's empowerment within Birmingham’s ethnic minority communities, members gain access to performance guidance that bolsters their confidence to lead effectively.


Fostering ambition and promoting gender and racial equality

As we empower our community, we also focus on fostering ambition and promoting gender and racial equality. Our events and programmes are spaces where everyone can dream big, aim high, and achieve their full potential without limitations.


We believe every member of our community deserves equal opportunities to lead, inspire, and make impactful changes.


Mentorship and coaching opportunities

After exploring our leadership development workshops and training, we move on to mentorship and coaching opportunities. We know the power of guidance and support for personal and professional growth. 


Networking events and seminars

Hosting vibrant networking events and seminars, this organisation boosts careers and connects individuals with similar interests. These gatherings focus on women's networking, leadership skills, and community support.

Our Services


Vocal Coaching

We specialise in vocal coaching aimed at enhancing the strength, range, and versatility of your voice. Our coaches collaborate closely with you to cultivate a distinctive vocal style that shines both on stage and in the studio.


They offer personalised feedback and exercises specifically chosen for your needs, guaranteeing improvement with every session.


Our services tackle typical difficulties encountered by singers, including pitch control and breath management. The goal is to elevate your confidence levels, enabling you to enchant audiences effortlessly.


Each lesson is carefully structured to unleash your capabilities as an influential artist within the music industry.


Stage Presence and Performance Techniques

Mastering stage presence and performance techniques can turn a good performer into an unforgettable one. Guidance is provided on dominating the stage, capturing your audience's attention from the moment you step into the spotlight.


The strategies focus on body language, eye contact, and dynamic movement to ensure every performance is compelling and engaging.


Songwriting and Composition Guidance

Crafting your songs isn’t just empowering but also essential to defining your unique sound and message. The team offers expert advice on structuring melodies, writing meaningful lyrics, and refining compositions to resonate with audiences.


Understanding the importance of expressing oneself through music, there's unwavering support for turning thoughts and feelings into compelling songs.


Practical tips on overcoming common challenges like writer’s block or finding inspiration are provided, ensuring that each session brings participants closer to achieving their songwriting goals.


No matter what you're aiming for we offer tailored performance guidance that empowers women from ethnic minorities in Birmingham to reach new heights in their musical careers.

Benefits of Our Birmingham Songwriting Course

Our songwriting course helps you grow your creative muscles, find your voice, and join a circle where everyone supports each other. It's all about getting better at writing songs and sharing them with confidence.


You'll see how music and words blend to express what's in your heart. Plus, you'll meet others who get it – the highs and lows of making art. We're here to lift each other.


Ready to take your music journey further? Check out more on our course!


  • Cultivating creativity and self-expression - By partaking in creative writing exercises and group projects, you'll find new ways to share your stories and emotions through music.


  • Building confidence and self-esteem - Our course is a free space for expression that aligns with confidence building. 


  • Developing musical and lyrical skills - Through practical exercises, you'll learn about crafting melodies and creating rhythms. 


  • Fostering a supportive community - We host a creative home for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Women, Girls, and Non-Binary people to grow together.

Join Us

Contact information for inquiries and collaboration opportunities

We're thrilled to receive your messages! If you have any queries or are interested in working together, please send us an email at or ring us at 0121-345-6789.


Our team is on standby to help with any questions you might have about our support group for women, leadership initiatives, or how you can be part of our efforts.


"By joining forces, we can build a world where every woman and non-binary person receives the support necessary to succeed."


Don't hesitate to follow us on social media for the latest updates on events, workshops, and motivational stories from our community. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @GirlGrindUK.


We consistently post information that could aid in your personal and professional growth. Let’s work together to make a difference!

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