We need more Female leadership

Equality is defined as the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.

When we talk leadership we need to talk equality across the board. The lack of gender equality in decision making positions is disgraceful. Even worse if we were to include race into the discussion.

Why aren't we seeing as many women in decision making positions when it is evident that it would be more beneficial to the company if there was?

A study last year showed that big companies with at least some women at the top performed considerably better than ones with mostly male boards and executives.

Another study published in the Oxford Research Encyclopaedias: Business and Management says “female leaders may bring a unique constellation of leadership-related traits, attributes, and behaviours to the workplace that may provide advantages to their organisations.”.

This amongst many other statistical factors suggests that having women leading businesses would be nothing but advantageous to the company. Yet in the UK we are still only seeing women holding 34% of senior leadership positions.

Why is that?

Although the numbers are low, they’re still significantly higher than they have been in previous years, which should show the severity of the problem. These numbers are only linked to women being in higher positions, the numbers are shockingly low when we bring the topic of race into the conversation.

According to a gender equality charity, ethnic minority women are “almost invisible from positions of power across both public and private sectors” in the UK.


Currently the Music Union are changing hands and are campaigning for the first ever position of female leadership. The Music Union as we know it was established in 1921, yet there has not been a single incidence of female leadership? We appreciate the campaign for change, but we can’t help but think that these changes should have been established many years ago, especially given the amount of diversity within the music industry.

We want to see equality all the way to the top of companies. That means men, women, non-binary people AND ethnic minorities.

We will never see equality until we see people that look like all of us at the top.

This mustn't be something that is ignored for much longer.

The longer we ignore it, the longer we allow this to be normality.

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