What is our mission?

If you head over to our website you would see what we have said our mission is in bold letters. Our mission is to “Keep with the times and stay grinding”.

But our mission is so much more than that, we are an organisation that aims to pioneer a new movement for young girls, women and non-binary people of Black and Asian Ethnic Minority Heritage.

Girl Grind UK was created out of a deeply rooted determination to be a means for development and support for Black and Asian women, girls and non-binary people who are in the most vital stages of their growth and development.

We have set our sights on becoming a key organisation that is at the head of a movement that we believe should have been around for years prior. We want to make a difference, and aim to change things for women and non-binary people of colour.

It's all good and well to say all of this, but let's talk about how we will make this change.

We have been working extremely hard for the past 18 months to turn our mission into a success. From providing business development programs to giving women opportunities that they would not usually have, we have been working both publicly and privately to reach this goal.

Our first ever program was called BLK+GRN and was very close to our hearts. The movement was all about reclaiming local green spaces, creating a movement for change, raising awareness to environmental issues and most of all, to include Black and Asian Ethnic Minority women and non-binary people in the conversation.

Through this program we were able to not only educate, but physically provide a green space for the women of Washwood Heath to be able to spend time in nature, and reclaim that space.

We then went on to deliver a program called Triple Threat, which was a business development program aimed at creatives from Black and Asian Minority backgrounds.

We hosted face-to-face workshops over a 5 week delivery period and hosted six incredible guest speakers, who delivered sessions on a variety of topics including finance, wellness and entrepreneurship.

After the program ended, 81% of participants reported feeling more confident from taking part in the program and 61% feeling more confident in liaising with businesses qne realising their full creative freelance potential!

SHE DON DID IT then began in the summer of 2021. It was an exciting six-month incubator program designed by Girl Grind UK CIC packed with practical skills workshops, online music business seminars, free studio time, work placements, songwriting camps, business planning, funding advice, live demo recording, and industry showcase gigs online or at a music venue across the UK.

These programs were only a few, amongst many other things that we have done to work hard in this fight against systemic racism, gender inequality and bias towards people of colour, women and non-binary people.

But the fight isn't over. This is just the beginning.

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