is funding important?

The simple answer is yes.

There are so many people with ideas that lack the means to turn these into a reality. This is where funding comes into play.

It has been proved that by putting sufficient funding into something or someone, it can directly affect the growth and development of that particular area. This can be shown through public sector funding, for example, healthcare. The more funding given towards healthcare increases the quality of the care given.

Similarly, setting funding aside for music and the arts is just as important. Music plays a massive part in our lives, something that is integral to who we are on a daily basis. However, without the right amount of funding and resources, many musicians would not be able to do what they love and share their passion with the world.

Here at Girl Grind UK, we thought it was important to provide up and coming female and non-binary artists, and those who work in the sector, with funding and programs for their professional and personal development. Funded by the Youth Music Charity, we were able to make our dreams come to light and provide women and non-binary people with the support they needed.

Through our SHE DON DID IT fund we were able to give out pots of funding to 13 women and non-binary artists in the West Midlands.

Many congratulations to our successful applicants:

We are excited to see what is to come from these women and the many others that we will continue to support over the years. It was important to us to create a pathway for many more women of colour to acquire funding within their careers, and to receive the support they needed.

Since the passing of George Flloyd, we have seen the number of people investing in the Black and Brown communities on the rise. According to the More Than A Moment report, £852,601 worth of funding has been invested into the Black Creative Workforce since June 2020, but we believe there needs to be so much more.

We are aiming to provide Black and Brown women and non-binary people with many more avenues into securing funding, either through us, or various other funders. Funding is crucial to our community, as it could be the difference between having a career or not. People should be able to express themselves freely and are deserving of the resources to do so, this is why funding is so detrimental to success and growth.

Without local or public funding these areas of community simply cannot prosper.

The Arts needs funding to survive, and people need the Arts.

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